Rating Info

This is awesome, but it looks too much like science. (thanks to Delirium Tremens over at Redditt for the great chart.)

Remember we're just simple geeks who happen to like beer, so don't look for us to get too scientific. You may here us mention color, scent, lacing, head, clarity, feel, and few other terms you see in other beer rating sites, but mostly we'll just probably talk about the taste and the finish.

If you're looking for a scientific breakdown of beer and brewing science, there are a LOT of sites and blogs that will go on ad nauseum about both, but, for now, beer is only part of what we're about so don't look for us to try to impress everyone with our extensive knowledge of the thirty-eleven types of hops that can go into beers and where they should be added during the brewing process to affect the flavor, aroma, etc.

When we rate beers we use a simple 0-5 scale (0 being bad and 5 being good.)

This is Mary. She's not a stripper.
Now, if she only had a beer
To make it more entertaining we'll base our 0-5 scale on something different on every episode. For example: one episode the beer could be birthday presents, with 0 being a used band aid and 5 being a private party with strippers dressed like Power Girl, Orion slave girls, and Princess Leia. You get the idea.