About The Geeks

Private Property? Watch out folks, we're outlaws. (insert sarcasm)

Once upon a time, Kevin called Scott and said, "You wanna make a podcast where we talk about geek culture, gaming, comics and other crap we like? We could bring in local bands sometimes and have guests and stuff. Oh yeah, we can drink and rate beer."

Scott said, "I'll go register the web site."

Who the Hell are these guys? 

  • Hasn’t written a bio yet, so I’ll put some stuff down that may or may not be true.
  • Used to be a bouncer.
  • Is a fantastic cook, but won’t toot his own horn.
  • Was wearing a skirt when he knocked a guy out.
  • Lives the life of a functioning derelict.
  • Has been married for, like, a gazillion years (sorry ladies).
  • Wears Spongebob underwear.
  • Has a smoker/grill so big that he has to haul it behind a truck.
  • Can drink beer faster than you can pour it on the ground.
  • Kicked the crap out of Scott after he read his bio.
  • Has a BS in Psychology, but would rather work on computers.
  • Started playing Dungeons & Dragons when he was 9.
  • Saw his first stripper when he was 13.
  • Didn’t start drinking until he was 30.
  • Likes Kung-Fu, comics, absinthe, film, reading, role-playing games, craft beer, music, and boobies. (Although not necessarily in that order)
  • Lives in a van down by the river.
  • Not a member of Hair Club for Men (but probably should be).
  • Uses his powers for evil.
  • In his spare time he likes to pretend he’s an actor and a writer.
  • At some time in his past someone made the mistake of telling him he was funny.